A123 Battery Cells For your personal particular Radio Command Style Aircraft

Electric driven solution airplanes have already been near to for approximately 3 decades. An amazing problems throughout the early times was Lithium polymer battery density. Put simply, they just weighed an abnormal amount while using the full of juice you may get faraway from them. This example has improved significantly not too long ago together with the arrival of Li-Poly cells, but a battery pack to get a larger style can absolutely expenditure countless bucks. The advent of electric vehicles and vans, including the Toyota Prius has spurred an unlimited full of exploration into new battery systems. On this webpage, I’ll reveal a substitute for Li-Poly batteries which offers intriguing prospects.

A123 Programs generates Lithium-Ion Nanophosphate cells. These cells have a very quite nominal voltage of 3.a few volts and could deal with nearly constant discharge fees of 30C. They may be safely and securely discharged right down to two.0 volts. The voltage carries on to be quite constant via the discharge cycle, nevertheless they are doing have a pointy drop-off around the near. Expect three hundred cycles before you detect any reduction in ability when at a single,000 cycles it’s possible you’ll have 75% within the genuine functionality. They could be unbelievably safe. Overcharging or even more than discharging will not result in an explosion and will have small consequence throughout the lifestyle of your battery. Balancing the cells when they’re charged stays a good principle, despite the fact that not absolutely demanded. They may be typically billed rapidly immediately immediately after use in fifteen minutes.

The cells can be found in two dimensions. The first M1 cell is made up of a ability of two.3 Ah and weighs 70 grams (two.47 oz). A more new, scaled-down measurement can maintain a person.1 Ah and weighs forty grams (one.forty one particular oz).

The main source for A123 M1 cells is DeWalt 36-volt moveable power-tool battery packs. Just about every single pack has 10cells. I procured two of these for $100 almost each by means of Ebay. The costs surface area to obtain very long gone up not too long ago to the $120-$130 differ. Solitary cells can also be purchased online for $15 from your expanding assortment of distributors. You could get hold of two from the scaled-down cells in a extremely Black & Decker VPX battery pack which sells for about $15. The lesser cells can even be had for $12.50 every single.

There are many Li-Poly chargers that support or is typically modified to support the charging of these A123 cells. Because within the sharp voltage drop-off when discharged, you are probably better off using a timer when you fly. Otherwise you need your ESC to shut off the motor when 2.0 volts per mobile is reached.

Bottom line? These cells give you 70% the power density of Li-Polys for about 45% of your price. For many of us, that is a superb trade-off. These are really extremely harmless and could be billed in fifteen minutes. If you end up buying half as many battery packs because with the shorter charge time, then they become a significantly better value.